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Your Organizations 25th Founding Anniversary Should Be Merry!

Planning for an organization event’s 25th anniversary is a challenging task. A quarter of a century isn’t something you just brush off. If you are organizing such an event, getting it to be successful only requires being organized in planning and making sure that things run smoothly during the preparation.

In this article, we will try to help you learn the essentials you need in planning a 25th anniversary party and making sure to leave a good impression with your client.

Here are a few of the most important things when you plan for a 25th anniversary event

  1. Guest List

You need to have your guest list. Identify the people whom you need to place on VIP. They will need to be treated as such. Your guest list will be an important file as you will need to base other essentials on this like how big your venue should be, seating capacity, and even the amount of food that needs to be served.

  1. Budgeting

You need to do your financials and create a budget that you need. Having a budget is important to control your client’s expenses. Budgeting is critical for any organization as it is required in almost any expenditure that they need to release. If you are able to stick to their budget, they will definitely be looking at your services in the future.

  1. Decorations

You don’t grab any decorations you may find pretty to add. Your decorations should, first, be relevant to the company’s theme. If it is a 25th year anniversary, make sure it shows a touch of silver as well which represents a quarter of a century. Your decorations should show elegance and luxury.

  1. Food

Your food should never be compromised. Research for a good caterer. Find someone who specializes in corporate events and has a good reputation. Food will always be one of your highlights in any corporate events and it will be one of the things that would identify how good the event was.

  1. Program

Your program should be well planned and written to run as expected. It should highlight the organizations struggles, challenges, and efforts that it has overcome through the years.

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